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The easiest way to get your restaurant commercial created

Get your brand popping with our tried and tested system, secure more customers and bring your existing ones back, for all restaurants, of any size, of any cuisine.


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The Process

We aren't a 
We don't want to be...

We create the first look of your restaurants food, drink and service to engage your target audience with storytelling, strategy and high quality visuals.

The first piece of content you should have of your restaurant before worrying about saturising your social media Posts, Reels and TikToks.


Media Manager...


This months most viewed RestaurantCommercials

Behind The Scenes


A look behind the curtain at our recent restaurant commercial for Amore Glasgow. 

Transforming Glasgow to Rome to help visualise their brand new Regional Tasting Menu inspired by Rome.


  • 200,000 + targeted impressions

  • 31.6% increase in customer footfall


Inside our Process


Before moving forward with a restaurant commercial, we need to establish that the first priorities are in check and your website is up-to-date within the industry standards. Click here to find out more.

The following strategy can come across complicated, but it's proven to work time & time again.
So you can leave the hard stuff up to us to figure out!

Building your unique commercial 

A tailored 30 second commercial produced by our in-house production team.

The most important variable to a successful commercial is the creative itself. This has to hook, engage and retain your audience.

Award-winning international creators


  • organic placement across your platforms

  • test variations of your commercial

  • your target audience inc. Meta Pixel (if applicable)

  • custom funnel and email marketing

we then nurture your audience with your offerings for 1 month of paid facebook & instagram marketing.

Marketing strategy campaign launch

Custom marketing funnel is built to nurture your customers into your restaurant using a variety of methods including;

  • competitions

  • discounts

  • email marketing strategies

​which are all all managed by our team.

Best optimisation for distribution

Tracking & marketing analysis report

Get access to our creative geniuses to help bring your commercial to life by creating you a tailored brief that will sell your restaurant to its full potential, proven to work time and time again.

Variation Devices.png

Our tracking strategies are set for the restaurant to visually see the minimum ROI through logging customers who arrived from the commercial into our system.


Book a Discovery Call with a Director


"we have a videographer already..."

Yes you should. There's a reason videographers charge a small fee, as they have a different purpose.

A commercial is your customers first look, so why would you trust limited time & knowledge to this.


Some Of Our Customers Feedback

Join our 100+ restaurants worldwide


Yan Yan,

Marketing Manager

"...I didn't think it was going to work for our brand, as I couldn't see a Japanese commercial anywhere - once it was explained that each commercial is created to our target customer, it all made sense. " 

Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 12.50_edited.jpg

John Caddow,

General Manager

"we couldn't fault these guys at all. The process, and detail behind our needs alone was worth the money.


..the fact we only gave the team 3 specific directions and they over delivered with them all...


Ruth Richards,

Marketing Manager

"our department thought our internal teams would handle this sort of thing - but after our discovery call, the penny dropped as to why we don't...."


Yan Yan,

Marketing Manager

"...I didn't think it was going to work for our brand, as I couldn't see a Japanese commercial anywhere - once it was explained that each commercial is created to our target customer, it all made sense. " 

Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 13.47_edited.jpg

Kristen Brodie,

General Manager

"didn't have a clue what our style and genre was... I was sold on the idea after the brief call...

...the amount of customers that mention they found us from the commercial is incredible..."

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-03 at 16.24.46.jpeg

Kai McInnes,

Marketing Director

"the commercial brought roughly an extra £9,000 in the first month...


...after posting the commercial and getting 36k views with only a £200 marketing campaign and compeition copyright behind it..."


Lisa Cadman,


"...was unsure to begin with, obviously it all sounds too good to be true...

by just having the commercial at the front of our website we seen a return within the first 2 weeks..."


Jimmy Lee,

Owner, TV Presenter

"in the first week alone with the additional customers they brought, it paid itself back...

...these guys know what they're doing, and will put you heads and shoulders above the rest..."

Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 19.14.18.png

Robyn Gilliland,

Events Manager

"...we are a mid-high priced restaurant, so competiting against our competitors in a pretty saturated city was hard...


...the commercial made us standout from ALL of them..."


Our Team Is Ready To Help You

Talk to one of our directors to get all your questions answered.
You can schedule a free discovery call below. 


Our Other Services That Are All
Designed To Work With Each Other



Build your social media with weekly viral trends all in one place using your finished commercials individual clips into our drag & drop templates.

Saving your thousands on media managers, this is created to hand to a member of your waiting staff to complete each week.


First steps before a commercial, let's make sure your website and brand is ready for it! 

Modern & Sleek
designed websites 


Proven impact

With a wide range of customers across the hospitality spectrum trusting us as their go-to commercial creators, we deliver real engagement. And, more importantly, bums on seats. The stats don’t lie.


Tried & Tested Growth

While you might have your own marketing agency to help get your commercial seen by as many people, we also have a dedicated team responsible for getting your brand new commercial seen by the target audience you're aimed towards.


Whatever size

We work with both large and smaller establishments every single day, to create videos for restaurants that is tailored to you and you only. Making it easy for you, and to get people talking.

About Us

Our promise is to increase your engagement on your social media channels, with a holistic solution that not only includes eye catching creative content, but also involves ensuring the right eyes see it.


Whether it's an overall showcase of your restaurant or a special event, drink, meal or location you are aiming to promote, we have you covered.

Worldwide commercial shooting

We are available to shoot internationally.

Hundreds of restaurants already take advantage of our marketing strategies.

restaurantcommercials has customers in united kingdom and ireland
restaurantcommercials has customers in canada and united states
restaurantcommercials has customers in austrailia

A little more about us


Restaurants all over the world have partnered with us to generate and grow their high social media engagement

25+ Million Views

Growing each day, targeting each restaurants demographic and creating the buzz to get people talking.

International Clientele

Producing short form content for restaurants all across the world.


More interaction and engagement on all your social media channels, driving customers to your restaurant.

Discovery Call
About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take?
    Depending on the length of your commercial, actual shooting can take from 3 to 6 hours to ensure we have the footage necessary to create a commercial that will get people talking. Once we’ve wrapped shooting, we usually recommend taking two to three weeks to edit. This allows for your review cut and amendments made by our editor, to the final commercial before publication.
  • How do you know the marketing will work?
    Well, our marketing analysis builds a campaign tailored to your restaurant to get it seen by your exact target audience. Our studies and results show time and time again to work both through organic reach, but also paid marketing campaigns. This commercial is modular, so we give you the necessary means to get your ROI. But, the results are limitless depending where you display the commercial eg. Billboards, bus stop posters, TV screens... Each restaurant holds different pain points, locations and target audiences which is designed tailored to your marketing campaign.
  • What can you do that I can't do myself?
    Just as you create memorable experiences for your restaurant customers, our forte is creating professional and engaging content that helps you stand out from the crowd. We have years of experience using the latest filming equipment, editing styles and graphics to interact with and grab your audience’s attention.
  • We have a videographer already...
    You should absolutely have videographer already. Everyone has a videographer, but very few have a commercial. This is why a restaurant with a commercial stands out in comparison. Customers of ours tend to put 2 and 2 together as it's the same visual method of creation, but why would you trust the knowledge, skills and experience of a practice who only values their work at £200 - £300 to display your £200 - £300k restaurant in the first 30second look a customer has? This is why all the big and successful chains have commercials to stand out, and scale so easily.
  • We tried a marketing company before, but didn't see results...
    It’s not uncommon for us to hear this response that a restaurant has gone down a path of a marketing agency with a name like “Studio123” that aren’t specific to restaurants, so typically don’t understand the industry as in depth. We have some of the best marketing teams that specializes only in the restaurant space, and restaurant space alone. They understand the analytics better than any marketing company in this space.
  • Looks too expensive...
    It’s far more affordable than most think (not £50-100k production companies costs). We have set payment plans in place, so that you see the performance and results of the commercial before you have even got close to the second or third installment. All these huge production companies shoot with famous actors, expensive locations and so on. We strip it back, and give you everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. We work with smaller venues more than you might think, in our experience most of your competitors won’t have anything like a commercial, so driving customers away from your competitors is fairly easy.
  • How do we start?
    We have made the process as simple as we can to get your commercial booked in. Simply fill in our contact form to get booked in for a briefing call at a time that suits you. One of our directors will then give you a call to discuss all the logistics and have a better understanding for the overall style, genre and target audience your commercial should aim for.
  • Will this work for my restaurant
    We specialise in bringing your social media channels as much engagement as possible. We do this by planning, producing and then marketing your finished commercials to your target audience. We will then send you a breakdown of your analytics one month after publishing to demonstrate your growth and progress.
  • What your strategy during the commercial process...
    The first and most important variable is "how can we hook your viewer to keep watching". So we use things such as hooks, this is where we have 3 - 5 seconds to engage your audience to continue watching. So as an example, with our Alstons commercial based in the city center of Glasgow, we visibly see a character on the train with the train conductor announcing “We are now arriving in Glasgow Central” which instantly hooks their target audience as it’s relevant to them. Another is storyline, we want to take your customer on an experience through this commercial, of what the atmosphere, style and the kind of food and drink your restaurant brings to them.
  • Why couldn't I go and hire a videographer to do exactly this?
    You're going to have to train, manage, take a lot of time to understand the marketing industry, we aren't just saying this to sell you, but we go through this ourselves when we take videographers on board to train to commercial level. There's a reason videographers charge a small fee, and that's why everyone has a videographer - where very few have a commercials. A restaurant commercial is your customers first look, so why would you trust limited time & knowledge to this to a videographer. Or you can work with a company that has been through the ringer, has faced these problems and come in and create you something that is designed to drive revenue behind it and it’s proven to work time and time again.